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The Miraculous Appearance of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem-2008
This is footage of the miraculous appearance of the Holy Fire, Saturday April 26, 2008, in Jerusalem at the Orthodox Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The miraculous appearance of the Holy Fire occurs every year on Holy Saturday in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem. Holy Saturday is the day before Orthodox Pascha, the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Holy Fire appears when the Patriarch of Jerusalem enters a small marble structure built over Christ's actual, historic tomb. He enters inside, closes the door, and two large candles are miraculously lit as he is uttering prayers. When he exits the tomb he uses his lit candles to light the candles of pilgrims, who in turn light other pilgrims' candles. The Holy Fire doesn't burn, as one can witness when the pious pilgrim in the video (27 second mark) moves his flame back and forth over his face and neck. The Holy Fire is later transported on chartered flights to Athens, Russia, Bulgaria and other Orthodox countries. Christ is Risen! Khrishti unjal! Khristus anahgrecum! Khris-tusaq ung-uixtuq! Kristos tenestwal! Crist aras! El Messieh kahm! Kristos haryav ee merelotz! Hristolu unghia! Xristosi banuytashtch'ey! Hristos voskrese! Khrystos uvaskros! Helisituosi fuhuole! Christos anesti! Kristus vstal a mrtvych! Kristus er opstanden! Christus is opgestaan! Christos tensiou! Kristo levigis! Kristus on oolestoosunt! Christos t'ensah em' muhtan! Kristus nousi kuolleista! Le Christ est ressuscite! Kriost eirgim! Kriste ahzdkhah! Christus ist erstanden! Christos anesti! Ua ala hou `o Kristo! Ha Masheeha houh kam! Kristur er upprisinn! Kristus telah bangkit! Cristo e' risorto! Harisutosu Fukkatsu! Kristus sampun wungu! Kristo gesso! Christus resurrexit! Kristus ir augsham sales! Kristo ajukkide! Christu uyirthezhunnettu! Jesu Kristi ebiliwo! Kristus er oppstanden! Khristus zmartvikstau! Cristo ressuscitou! Cristos a inviat! Khristos voskrese! Kristo'pastitaha! Cristos vaskres! Kristus vstal zmr'tvych! Cristo ha resucitado! Kristo amefufukka! Christus ar uppstanden! M'shee ho dkom! Xristos Kuxwoo-digoot! Hristos diril-di! Kristo ajukkide! Khristos voskres! Atgyfododd Crist! Xris-tusaq Ung-uixtuq! Ukristu uvukile!
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Τα Αγιόφιδα στην Κεφαλονιά
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Orthodox Saints-Saint John the Russian from Evvia, Greece
Sfintele sale moaşte se găsesc în Grecia, în insula Evia. Este prăznuit în data de 27 mai./ His relics are in Greece, island Evvia.
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Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene of Lesvos
The incredible story of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene of Lesvos (greek narration). They suffered martyrdom by the Turks on the historic island of Lesvos in 1463, ten years after the fall of Constantinople, and began manifesting themselves in 1959 to many persons - men, women and children. Η απίστευτη ιστορία των νεομαρτύρων της Λέσβου αγίων Ραφαήλ, Νικολάου και Ειρήνης. Οι άγιοι μαρτύρησαν από Τούρκους επιδρομείς το 1463. Ήταν άγνωστοι μέχρι που άρχισαν να εμφανίζονται σε πλήθος ανθρώπων από το 1959, πράγμα που οδήγησε στην πλήθος αρχαιολογικών ανακαλύψεων, αλλά και θαυμάτων.
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When a nun become brutaly murder because of the fact that she was an greek christian ortodox her last words was: Make my boody to a chruch, my hair to trees and my blood to water. And this video shows what God gave her!
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θαύμα : ήμουν παράλυτος και περπάτησα !
θαύμα : ήμουν παράλυτος και περπάτησα !
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Ιορδάνης Ποταμός - Το Θαύμα
Αναλυτικά: Το Θαύμα που έγινε την Παραμονή των Θεοφανείων του 2006 στον Ιορδάνη Ποταμό, κατά τη διάρκεια της Τελετής του Αγιασμού των υδάτων.
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Θαύμα Αγίας Μαρίνας Ανδρου
Θαύματα Αγίας Μαρίνας Ανδρου
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